Meine Solidarität und Mitgefühl gilt grundsätzlich allen Menschen, die sich für die Menschenrechte und Menschenwürde einsetzen. Sie gilt allen, die sich füreinander einsetzen und gegen Kriege als Mittel der  Macht  einstehen. Ich stehe ausdrücklich auch solidarisch zu unseren Tanzkolleg*innen in den vom aktuellen "Ukrainekrieg" betroffenen Gebieten.

Tanz für den Frieden - Dance for Peace!

Call for help
We ask you to do a small thing that can help us. We ask you to say that you are against the war. Say it in your social networks. Then there will be more of us who combat Putin's bloody policy. Make a performance using Ukrainian symbols. Make a workshop in support of Ukrainian dancers. Launch foundations that can help us. Arrange fundraisers and send to Ukraine the money that you have collected.
From the very first days of war our dancers have been intensely involved in volunteering activity. We have been raising money to provide our militaries with equipment and first aid kits. We ask you to be with us against Putin's bloody regime and support freedom in Ukraine – and around the world!
Here you can find information about our dancers, yoga volunteers, and details to help
Sending financial help to Ukrainians is possible through PayPal
Go to and sign up with your email address.
Click on: Tools / Send money
Select: Send to friends
Send to:
Thank you for your support
sincerely yours,
Lviv Section of CID Unesco